Today in our classroom ,we did an experiment about if you put ice in cold water what will happen .We tried lots of different things to melt the ice and try to keep it solid . We even put the ice into deeper water to see what would happen. We also used warm water to see how fast or how slow it will melt. Some of the ice stayed solid for a long time even if we poured warm water on the ice .

The Worry Website by Jacqueline Wilson

I find this book really interesting. One of these stories made me think , ” Why did you do that? ” or ” If only if I was in your shoes and I could feel like what your feeling right now…”
This book is really great detailed and it’s really good! You might laugh at some parts too…
If you read it , comment! I would love to hear your thoughts on it. 🙂


His gnarled hands,gripping onto anything he could get a hold of.His arms wriggled like mindless maggots,rotten fingers drenched in blisters.His face contorted into the worst thing imaginable,fangs pertruded downwards.Nails chipped and encrusted with dirt.He held out a bony hand,which fell like a skeleton.He had bulging eyes like a frog,that stared as if he was in a trance.

Gollum-The hobbit

A dark deadly cave that stayed a secret for many years,untill now.Down here lines old Gollum.

For a living,he dithers around his cave waiting for an intruder to cross the line of the caves enterance.

His dissagreeable hands would grapple onto prey and rip them apart,

kill them at the scene and eat their last breath.

He was a Gollum.

Description of gollum

The dangerous deadly fiend barred his teeth, darting towards Bilbo.
An aroma of death, danger and devoured goblin bodies hung around Gollum.
His limbs were withered and twisted
and his spin popped out of his back as if he was a crocodile.
Nobody knows what he was,
or where he came from.
He was a Gollum.


Deep down here by the stationary dark black water. A person that no one has seen seen before.I don’t know where he came from,nor who he is or what he is.His name is Gollum. He has elf-like ears that looks like Santa’s Christmas minions. Protruding spine That’s streching out his pale grey skin. The cave is as dark as darkness,lightless and nothing more.His pale fingers rotting away in the darkness.Blisters helping him to protect his grey skin.No body likes his appearence but there’s something else you don’t know about him.He looks half human and half alien.He a nice alien but after a monster pops out like a popping baloon.

Gollum – The Description



He was a beast , a monster…


The Gollum was a monster. The monster that everyone knew. His raspy voice was threatening and piercing. He would scramble on top of rocks , panting… snarling… breathing heavily. Everyone knew the truth about Gollum. That he was a trickful beast and that he had harmed many animals in the forest. His spine popped up and down his back. His hands looked violent – bruises , cuts and blisters all covered his hands. Whenever he moved , his body contorted like a twisted twig , like it was about to break.

He is dangerous , perilous and full of hazard.


Come near him , I dare you…

Gollum Description

Deep down here by the dark water lived the most unique Gollum, skin and bone nothing more. His skin  was covering his protruding knuckles. The voice was deep and deadly cold. His home was not sweet, it was as dark as darkness. It was a cold heartless cave, with ripples in the water and drips echoing in the distance. Gollum’s bed was dark black and with damp. How would you feel, if you were in his place?



This creature is not an ordinary creature.It’s bulging blue eyes blink rapidly. As he peers over the rock, you will see his blunt nails  and fragile knuckles. Gollum’s piercing fangs can shatter your fingers in seconds. When he’s put under pressure, he sometimes speaks to himself.His protruding spine sticks out whenever he bends over.This creature does not walk ,but instead leaps. Whenever he thinks you aren’t telling him the the truth ,he gets angry very quickly. Skin and bone,nothing more.