The Tibicena 2

And that’s when the saw it. A scaly rash ran down Sami’s arm. Green goo started to seep out of Sami’s hand. What was he turning into? Suddenly two large horns started to stick out of his head growing and growing Sami was turning into a beast. As Sami was walking claws started to point out oh his skin.

He ripped of his clothes, Joffey could  not say another word but

“What is happening to you?”and then a big roar bellowed out of his mouth, he was a beast now.

As quick as a flash, Sami came charging back to our village, taking out life stock; burning houses down and killing the young and old. He had to go back.

As I shuffled back to the cave Joffey mum came charging to him and said:

“Where  were you?, I was so worried.” Joffey had to tell mum.

“Sami has turned into the Tibicena”.

“WHAT!” she screamed as Joffey ran towards him.”

“I’m going with you.”

Sami was going crazy.”

Sami was going mental; he was jumping off the cave walls like a monkey jumping from tree to tree. Joffey and mum were in the cave; they had to stop Sami. As Joffey  stepped forwards, mum stepped backward trying to hide behind a rock. As Sami used all of his might, the cave came tumbling down. Trying to stay calm trying to be clever Joffey grabbed mums arm and ran out of

“cough cough.” As Sami punched the rocks in to shatters and his contorted hand reached out of his back, I knew I had to do something. This was not right. Sami was the Tibicena.

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