The Tibicena – MY STORY – Sequel

And that was when they saw it. Blood scattered on the floor . Sami was exhausted . Their shaped bodies were silhouetted across the floor and it had just turned morning . They were there ,waiting and waiting for ages and ages. They both laid still.

The skies turned darker than darkness and the cave turned colder than coldness. Sami’s ¬†eyes looked jaundiced and his nails were longer than ever and he looked angry and as red as a tomato.

His skin looked dead and hair smeared across his arm . He looked familiar – in the bad way. The Tibicena was alive but Joffrey knew it was Sami. Sami looked grim and growled savagely at him. Joffrey was powerless.

As the sun rose, Sami laid on the floor imprisoned by his own brother. He turned to face him, looking fierce while he glared at him with his bloodshot eyes. When Joffrey stood up, he helped Sami, leaving him powerless and cold.

Suddenly, Sami’s face turned red and his arms started to shake. he looked as if he was going to pop and scream until the cave walls fell down. Joffrey felt the same way. Joffrey looked perplexed for a minute , looking characterless infront of Sami, who surveyed him with rage. Jofrrey could feel the claws running down his skin. Then darkness…

Blood started to scatter down their bodies and the cave was a black hole – a silent , screaming mouth in the face of a rocky hill – it was Sami’s now. And now Joffrey was one of the victims that will never be found again.

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