The thing about Jellyfish – Ali Benjamin

‘The thing about Jellyfish’ is a great and interesting book, if I could read it again I definitely would. First of all, the main character in this book is called Suzanne (also called Suzy and Zu throughout the story) who is the perspective this book is written from. Additionally, Suzy meets her soon to be best friend at swimming guppies, Franny, their friendship carrying on till they go to middle school (a school in America ranging from students 9 – 13 years old).

Unfortunately, Franny apparently ‘drowns’ while on holiday after their last week of middle school. This leaves Suzy devasted, hurt and even guilty. While on a school trip to an aquarium, Zu begins to assume how this could’ve happened – Franny was a brilliant swimmer, what went wrong? That’s when she jumps to conclusions. Maybe a jellyfish stung her…

All in all, Ali Benjamin did great describing Zu’s emotions throughout the book. I’ve still left out a lot of details, maybe you could finish Zu’s story and find out what did kill Franny…

Rating: 9/10

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