If you saw me

If you saw me far away , probably if you went in a helicopter and looked down at Derby , you would see me. I was so tiny , like a strand of hair. I bet you wouldn’t really see me , unless if you were next to me. I would stare at the sky and see the orangey yellow object roaming around .  It’s little “antennas” span around and around. I always thought that it would whip one of the clouds and the water coming from the cloud would eventually leak. I was only 7 years old that time , and right now being 12 , I felt really stupid that I thought about that. But sometimes when your little , I guess me and you have little imaginations that we thought and it must have revolved in our pea bodded heads.

To be honest , this took me 5 minutes to complete. Everything that I wrote is true , I did really think that helicopters in the sky would whip the clouds! But unfortunately , it never happened. But below , I want you to do a favour! Check it out! vvvvv

  • Rate this out of 10! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
  • Anything that I could work on? ( P.S , don’t write anything offensive! If your critiscing , give it as a nice  point , not say it really meanly. )
  • Write down a comment with a nown and an object. For example , I want you to a story about school ( noun ) and a pencil ( object ). Best idea wins!

Thanks guys for reading , I am really proud of this and I hope you are too. 🙂

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