The Do’s and Don’ts about Reading

The Do’s and Don’ts in reading , I must say are pretty tempting. I sometimes do them , not going to lie! Sometimes , you feel like shutting a book down and your on chapter 3 and you think it’s boring… don’t shut the book down! I am guessing that there are MORE interesting things coming , if only you read more … Maybe you might regret putting the book down afterall!


  1. Pick a book that intrigues you. Not by the cover , but by the blurb. If you pick a book not your type , then it won’t help!
  2. Recommend it to friends if you think that it’s DEAD good! I am sure that they will think the same too…
  3. Read it , read it , read it!!!!!!! ( Obviously , duh ).


  1. Don’t pick a book that doesn’t intrigue you.
  2. Please read it 🙁
  3. Don’t stop halfway through the book! I assure you , better things are yet to come!

By Victoria G. ~

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