The long wait

“Victory is mine ” Sami yelled . He walked over to the Tibicena and rested his foot on the dead , lifeless body. I couldn’t believe he was going to leave me here . I watched in horror  as Sami walked leaving me here in pain 

The discovery

Hours felt like years , I was left alone in this dark and cold place . All of a sudden , I saw a speck of light . Immediately , I stood up and slowly walked towards the light . I was almost blinded . Being clever, being careful , I hesitated and heard the howls nearby . The ground began to shake . I yelled  as  I heard a ‘Crack’. Gradually  I realised 1 thing ……

Adventures (by Aniscar)

I was fighting captain hook ….. Then I became a fairy flying with Thumberlina….. After I became a cook with lots of people waiting to taste the best lasagne ……… suddenly the ground shook I was shrinking ” Drink me” I didn’t dare but ………Oh no I was on the roof with my friends Sophie and Mattayo

I had been on  amazing adventures in my head time to head to school and have another adventure .

Hope you enjoyed !xx