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He was a beast , a monster…


The Gollum was a monster. The monster that everyone knew. His raspy voice was threatening and piercing. He would scramble on top of rocks , panting… snarling… breathing heavily. Everyone knew the truth about Gollum. That he was a trickful beast and that he had harmed many animals in the forest. His spine popped up and down his back. His hands looked violent – bruises , cuts and blisters all covered his hands. Whenever he moved , his body contorted like a twisted twig , like it was about to break.

He is dangerous , perilous and full of hazard.


Come near him , I dare you…

He blankly stared at me. I stared at him back. I moved my eyes up and down and saw his fingers trembling. It was only summer and he was wearing a jacket , a scarf and boots…

I don’t know what happened to him.. he just seemed quiet , alone , deserted…

He sighed , turned away and ran. He ran through the trees , non-stop. I watched him run and run and run… Had something gotten into him?

If so , what was it? I needed to know and fast!


Comment down what you think will happen next! Best one will be included in my next blog post!

This book contains a lot of emotions – sad , happy , laughing , you get the idea!
I love this book because it gives you real life things that you can relate to. I recommend this story to 8-11 year olds.
It is really relatable!