Polar explorers club: Alex Bell

I love this book so much! Here is a little snippet of the blurb:

Main character: Stella Starflake Pearl- The orphan of Felix Pearl and most determined of explorers.

Beanie: Stella’s best friend who is half-elf and is training to be a medic.

Shay Silverton Kipling: The captain’s son and wolf whisperer.

Ethan Edward Rook: Magician and ocean explorer.

When Stella joins the Polar Explorers club on an expedition to the Icelands, her eyes are opened to the world of danger, adventure and snow pirates!

Out in the icy wilds there are giant yetis, magical golden geese, terrifying carnivorous cabbages and important new friendship to be made. Join the explorers on an unforgetable adventure across the ice…