Pax-Sara Pennypacker

I enjoy reading the book because it shows you the bond between Pax and Peter and the perspective of Pax which shows how an animal adapts to its natural habitat and how to survive in it compared to our daily lives.I dislike how Sara sometimes just repeats what’s happening or just has to much description on one event.In this book it’s about them being separated from each other and (hopefully) finding each other again.

iPod 4th gen review

The iPod touch 4th gen was released on 21/6/10 alongside the iPhone 4, released only two weeks earlier.The products had similar features e.g. facetime HD camera , a retina display and a 3.5 inch screen.


The screen was a 960 by 640 pixels retina display

iPod touch had a 5 megapixel iSight camera

The facetime hd camera had a 0.3 megapixel front facing camera for video calls and selfies


The screen was made from generic glass

 On the back was a stainless steel plate which looked nice but was marked easily so a case was needed


The battery life lasted up to 7 hours depending on use of device

The speed  was not bad but it wasn’t that fast


Overall the iPod touch 4th gen is a product that is good for music and ok for a daily device and personally I would give it a 6.5/10

which is about average.I would recommend this iPod to a child (for games and browsing) and adults (only for music though)


Pax is a book by Sara Pennypacker who wrote about a boy Peter and his pet fox Pax.Peter found Pax in the forest as a kit (a baby fox) and took him home because both his parents were missing.The book starts when the father of Peter forces him to leave Pax in the forest because father thinks he is too old to be staying with them at their house but he lies to Peter that war is coming and they cannot give attention to the fox Pax.I think the book is very heart touching because it shows that the bond between Peter and Pax.