Recommendation:The thing about Jellyfish

The thing about Jellyfish is a gripping story about a girl called Suzy who lost her ex-friend and is heart- broken and dosen’t want to speak aloud.Then she suddenly becomes obsessed with Jellyfish because she believes it caused her best friends death.Will she ever find out…

An extract-The Beginning:

Jellyfish,if you watch the long enough, begins to look like a heart beating.It dosen’t matter what kind:the blood-red Atolla with its flashing siren lights,the frilly flower hat variety,or near-transparent moon Jelly,Aurelia Aurita. It’s their pulse,the way they contract swiftly,then release.Like a ghost heart-a heart you can see right through,right into some other world where everything you ever lost has gone to hide.

Jellyfish don’t even have hearts,of course-no heart,no brain,no bone,no blood.But watch them for a while.You will see them beating.