Gangsta Granny – David Walliams

I just finished Gangsta Granny by David Walliams yesterday night, and I’ve got to say that the ending is absolutely heart-warming. When I started reading the book, it didn’t really hook me, but as I read on I became more attached to the characters. As it says on the back of the book, “if you think old people just sit around all day playing Scrabble and eating cabbage then this book will make you laugh”.

The main character is this boy called Ben who is deeply in love with plumbing (that will become revalent later in the story). He get’s dumped at his Granny’s every Friday; to him it’s torture. Ben thinks that his granny is just a boring, old lady who has the stinking stench of cabbage. Oh how wrong he was… One Friday when Granny was out of the kitchen Ben sees a box of biscuits on a shelf, grabs a stool and reaches up for it. Hungry as ever, he opens it expecting a chocolate treat yet he sees something he didn’t expect. Something glistening,,, Something valuable…

What could it be? I guess you need to read the rest of the book to find out… If you’re looking for a comedic book to make you laugh then you’ve hit the jackpot! However, if you’re looking for a descriptive book then you may want to look somewhere else. Although the book isn’t the most descriptive, it still has an interesting storyline and weird, wacky characters! I’d rate this book 7/10. Not my favourite book of the year so far but definitely a memorable one.

My Writing – 2016 vs. 2017

I was looking through my old notepad when I came across the beginning of a story I wrote about a year ago, and I was definitely surprised! I couldn’t believe the lack of description! To compare it to my writing nowadays, I decided to re-write it in the format of how I would write it now.

The old opening (2016 October, almost 10)

In an unknown time span, where humans are yet to exist, there was a girl. She was Darcie (at least that’s what she called herself). Strangely, Darcie had no memory of her parents, if she had any siblings and even how old she was! Her estimate was 14. Darcie hadn’t really gone outside, the only place she had ever discovered was a strange primrose type of fruit growing on a tree; it wasn’t that good of a food source. Ever since then, Darcie had been terrified of going anywhere but the safety of her home, she had seen several mystical creatures nearby (attempting to eat her). She’d known nothing better. This is what she considered normal…It wasn’t…

One day, Darcie was picking fruit for her breakfast, when she heard a rustle in the bushes behind her. A dark shadow dashed past her! Suddenly, “it” began
to multiply! What was it? Just then, 5 animals (including tigers, lions and panthers). They surrounded Darcie, blocking every exit! Without warning, a monster
with blue fur appeared.
“Leave me alone!” pleaded Darcie.

The new opening (2017 November, age 11)

A bead of sweat meandered down Darcie’s cheek. As she stretched out, a violent spear of pain shot through her stomach reminding her that she hadn’t eaten for six days straight. She stared up at the sky, drenched. The fear radiating off of her seemed to only bring the rain plunging down stronger than ever. It stung like lashes of whip being scraped across her face. She cocked her head down. Once again, Darcie felt the strange surge of excitement and dread as she wriggled her fingers gingerly. She expanded her arm towards the neighboring tree, licking her lips. Deep within the maze of branches was a pitiful, puny Dragon Fruit. It would seem like a dot in comparison to the entire universe, but it would be enough to keep Darcie alive for another week. Trembling, she quickly snatched it from the knotted maze, descended down the tree and then surveyed the area. It was clear – or so she thought.

As Darcie examined the fruit for insects, she sensed something pass her. She felt a jolt of pure, cold fear. The odour of the jungle was soaked with a new aggression. Something was there. Something was watching. Her heart quickened its pace as she felt anxiety coiling at the base of her skull. Quivering, Darcie gave a little screech of despair and suddenly clutched her blonde hair. Her brain was urging her to run as rustles in the leaves became louder, but for some unknown reason, she couldn’t.
“What you diverin’ ‘ere for?” a deep voice snarled.
Darcie flinched.

By Daisy 

My Brother is a Superhero – David Solomons

I finished this book around 2 weeks ago and I must say that it is one of the best books I’ve read this current school year. This book is about a boy named Luke (the perspective the book is written from), and he has an older brother called Zack who turns into a superhero around the beginning of the book. The thing is, Luke could’ve been one too, but he needed a wee.

Zack is told about the villain, ‘Nemesis’, and he has to save 2 worlds (yes two) from it (I’m not going to say Nemesis’ gender just so that I don’t spoil anything). Additionally, Luke meets a girl who will then help him find Nemesis’ identity to help Zack (again, I don’t want to give away her name and what they do).

Finally, I just need to say that the book isn’t the most descriptive book if that’s what you’re looking for. Aside from that, the humor, characters and storyline make up for it. I would definitely give this book an 8.9/10.

The thing about Jellyfish – Ali Benjamin

‘The thing about Jellyfish’ is a great and interesting book, if I could read it again I definitely would. First of all, the main character in this book is called Suzanne (also called Suzy and Zu throughout the story) who is the perspective this book is written from. Additionally, Suzy meets her soon to be best friend at swimming guppies, Franny, their friendship carrying on till they go to middle school (a school in America ranging from students 9 – 13 years old).

Unfortunately, Franny apparently ‘drowns’ while on holiday after their last week of middle school. This leaves Suzy devasted, hurt and even guilty. While on a school trip to an aquarium, Zu begins to assume how this could’ve happened – Franny was a brilliant swimmer, what went wrong? That’s when she jumps to conclusions. Maybe a jellyfish stung her…

All in all, Ali Benjamin did great describing Zu’s emotions throughout the book. I’ve still left out a lot of details, maybe you could finish Zu’s story and find out what did kill Franny…

Rating: 9/10