The curse of the 5 Red eye’s

The thunder growled, as the rain poured the streets. Out of nowhere, foot steps came along. Someone paused, just until he opened the door. Immediately, he turned on the lights and began to investigate the forgotten place of ruin.”Jame’s, do you read me,” replied the man on the radio.”Yeah I read  you and I’m in Freddy’s fright.” “oh! and I see an animatronic that’s out of order. Go check it out, there may be another way to get there.” Just when he found a way, he stealthily moved into the security room.Then there, a computer which had a system of a choice, that had yes or no.

Right away, he clicked Yes. In his surprise, the computer blow up. When his guide got back online, he went to check on the animatronic to take the chip off it.  After finishing the Job, a low growl invaded his ears, something was there. More animatronics stayed dangling in the room. James on the other hand, glared at the Items that seemed to have orbs inside. He then took one but, a scream of horror made him drop it. Until now, Springtrap was reborn, because of the orb shooting into his body. Springtrap slammed the man against the wall. Fortunately, he was still alive, staying right in the corner. The monsterous creature began to approach. Without waiting, he twisted the control-pipe  and a huge gass blow out, making the monster sensitive. As James thought he got away, a group of beast-life beings got him surrounded. Unfortunately, there was no way he could make it alive.

Beep Beep, the sirens gone off. One by one, police gathered round the main hall way and one of them reported back to officer Max, who was checking the security cameras in his car. In the pitch black hall way, glowed white eyes and teeth smiling with laughter. “Umm officer, we have company.” uh ahhhh! grunted the creature. Mike told everyone to stand back. Suspiciously, it said do you remember me. Realising the animatronic had been possessed by his brother. He got out his weapon. “Hey, this Isn’t you, please come back!” AHHHH! he whipped his hook, but missed, this was Just the start of the human-race.

Securing the perimeter, all of springtrap’s team had risen once more. One by one the monsters got shot, but instead they healed them self’s. Just then, all of them ran back retreating, when Freddy fazz bear took one of there weapons and shocked the owner of it in a fare distance. Smashing his hands together, everyone fell back. “Come on guy’s, shield, take cover_move.” Meanwhile, The officer went out of his car. “Dad stay in the car, it’s to dangerous to go out there.”  Moments of the raging controversy, he ignored his daughter and moved in with her following. Shockingly two guards went flying out of the situation. “Everyone stand back I’ll go find Mike, he’s my friend.” Replied Max.

Without any awareness, he shone his torch out, slipping into the main games area. Nothing there, except a shadow that ran. Surprisingly, a voice spoke out, saying I’m right here. Running out of the area, two animatronics crashed through the door, Springtrap pushed them both and screamed find them. Another door opened, Freddy fazz bear shocked Max away, But overall mike was dead-fast at dodging. Unfortunately, it did not happen for so long, he got beaten to the ground almost to his last blow until. Bam! It’s hand blow off, he picked up his weapon  and hit the monster to the ground, tried standing up but Max blasted it’s leg off. When all the monsters came, Max was in a rampage fighting them all. But, Springtrap was not immune to the blaster, instead his body regenerated into a spring-monster. Once again sirens had gone on and everyone in the situation reported the spectacular event. Max’s daughter, who felt so worried for Max, gave him a big hug.