This book is about a boy and his granny,( Ben the boy) never liked going to his granny because he always said that granny smells of  cabbage. But he had to go there ever Saturday,his parent’s always went to a dance festival hopping they would win.One day Ben saw a biscuit box so he thought why not he opened the box but instead of biscuits there was ….. read the book to find what happened.


Today in our classroom ,we did an experiment about if you put ice in cold water what will happen .We tried lots of different things to melt the ice and try to keep it solid . We even put the ice into deeper water to see what would happen. We also used warm water to see how fast or how slow it will melt. Some of the ice stayed solid for a long time even if we poured warm water on the ice .


Who wants to  live in A town where everyone has to were glasses to stop them going BLIND?and who wants to be neat and tidy and perfectly behaved all the time?

Violet quickly discovers there something weird going on in the town she keeps hearing voices her mam is acting strange and her dad disappeared.

When she meets boy she realizes that her dad is not the only person to have vanished… and that the mysterious watchers are guarding a PERFECTLY CREEPY SECRET.