My thing about jellyfish

Calling all reading gladiators, please read this- I hope you enjoy it- and anyone else!

In 2013, me and my family went to Mahon (a small island next to Palma). This is a warm water island so you get jellyfish a LOT. But this year was no ordinary year. My Dad got stung by a jellyfish! I got really scared!I was only 7 at the time but still I understood.

Now whenever we go there on holiday I have to watch out!

In 2016 we went back to the island; me and my Dad went out snorkelling and guess what we saw floating on the surface- a jellyfish! Luckily, my dad saw it, and swerved me out the way! Phew!

The thing about jellyfish- Ali Benjamin

Well, i just love it really!
We read this book in reading gladiators and I think it was the best book we have read.
It’s about a girl called Suzy who’s friend Franny drowns swimming in MaryLand and Suzy thinks that a jellyfish stung her. I will recommend this book to people who live books about Life Stories and and People who might also like mystery books because it has a very good twist in this book.
I’ll rate this book a 9.9/10!!!!