Should the school open a tuck shop?

Lately,the school have had a great debate about whether or not school should open a tuck shop.Many people, agree but many people disagree.Many kids,think that it would be great.Parents think it would be a bit too much energy for all the pupils.

The dinner ladies believe,that if it sold energy bars (one per child) it would give the pupils just enough energy to finish the whole of the school day whilst doing very good work! Which wouldn’t be very good for the foundation about up to around year 2, but it would be good for the older one because then most of the pupils in the upper juniors can handle it and wont get too over hyper over a little energy bar.

A lot of people believe that if there was many different mixes of flavours (half fruit and half sweets) then most children/pupils would run straight to the sweets rather then go to the fruit which would be the downfall for this idea.

We think that this would be fair because if the children have tried their hardest when they are doing there work they all deserve a little treat for trying so  hard!